Illusion and virtual reality in art

Ivan Gerát, Marián Zervan

Publisher:  Nadácia NOVUM/VŠVU/Slovart

Year of publication: 2021

EAN: 9788055653945


The publication offers a number of contributions by Slovak experts from several fields of humanities (art history, philosophy, aesthetics, or cognitive aesthetics), while the focus is on issues of contemporary artistic production, but also the art of the past as the creation of illusion, or questions of the theoretical foundation of the relations of art to reality and vice versa, or reality as a model of art. It is a wide field, the complexity of which cannot be contained in one collection, nor is it the ambition of the compilers. The contributions cross-sectionally or in the form of case studies present positions on illusion as a phenomenon characteristic of art (I. Gerát), summarize discussions about illusion in art (L. Kvasz, A. Démuth), outline the perspective of the illusory nature of art today or in the recent past (D. Grúň ), of the distant past (P. Megyeši, P. Michalovič), or point to the future based on experience with the use of the latest technologies in the arts (Z. Rusinová) and define the boundaries of illusion, reality and art (K. Ihringová and all the others).


Illusion and virtual reality in art - cover