Artist and writing

Jan Svenungsson

Publisher: Slovart, VŠVU

Year of publication: 2013

ISBN: 978-80-556-1191-4

In his book, Jan Svenungsson deals with the issue of the "writing artist". It analyzes the way some artists write and at the same time offers useful tips and inspiration on how an artist can / should write. After translating it into Slovak, the book should be especially helpful for students of art disciplines, whether in drafting texts about their work, as well as in writing diploma or especially doctoral theses. It is the doctoral students of art disciplines at the VŠVU who encounter a lack of methodological literature when writing the theoretical part of their doctoral thesis, so the book could help fill this gap. In general, Slovakia does not yet pay much attention to the topic of research in art, or the issue of methodology of works on art, so translation could be interesting for students of other art schools as well as supervisors of diploma and dissertation theses.

Artist and writing – cover of publication