Paris est une fête

We invite you to the French Institute for an exhibition of artists associated with our school, whose work reflects Parisian culture as a source of inspiration.

Free entrance.

You can visit the French Institute from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM at Sedlárska 7, Bratislava.

More information about the exhibition and individual exhibitors including video interviews can also be found on this page of the French Institute website.

Exhibiting artists: Jakub Gulyás, Marcel Holubec W., Martina Rötlingová, Kristýna Španihelová

Curators: Karol Weisslechner, Katarína Janáková

Exhibition architect: Jakub Tóth


"Paris, a magical concept that evokes in each thousands of associations, memories and romantic desires. A city where artistic trends were born, which still influences the authors of various art media in painting, sculpture, photography, jewelry and fashion.

Paris in the 1920s, about which Ernest Hemingway writes in his book, is like a moving holiday, in French Paris est une fête. In this collection of stories, the author talks about encounters with artists and personalities such as Gertrude Stein, who was herself a writer and an art collector belonging to classical modernism. In her salon, important avant-garde artists such as Pablo Picasso, Marie Laurencin, Guillaume Apollinaire, Alice B. Toklas, Henri Matisse, Georges Braque, Juan Gris and others met.

Personalities and concepts that, even after a hundred years, are consciously or subconsciously present in the work, now an established generation of authors of the local art scene, born in the early eighties.

• Martina Rötlingová - painting and graphic design
• Kristýna Španihelová - artistic jewelry and object
• Marcel Holubec W. - fashion design
• Jakub Gulyás - photography and film

It is a selection of authors who in their work significantly reflect globalized events, influencing the social themes, desires and dreams of the current young generation. In their work, they sensitively develop personal mythologies, with a dose of critical insight into consumer society.
It is a group of creators, always working in the context of history and the present, who live freely and at the same time responsibly enrich cultural events, not only at home but also in other countries, in our common European Union".


Karol Weisslechner, curator of the exhibition

The exhibition is part of the program of the French Presidency of the European Union.

Organizers: French Institute in Slovakia, blu: gallery

Exclusive partner: DS Automobiles Slovensko