Designblok 2021

The twenty-third edition of Designblok, the largest design show in Central Europe, will take place from 6 to 10 October 2021 in Gabriel Loci, and will now occupy two floors of the Museum of Applied Arts in Prague.

Gabriel Loci, Smíchov

ôda – joy through the game

  • processing of material and composition of utility objects,
  • the meaning of the word characterizes our work
  • ô - a letter of noisy, presents playfulness
  • ode - a kind of celebratory song, in a celebratory way it expresses itself on a topic (joy, freedom, youth, nature, nation)

Installation of utility items consists of textile - carpet and clothing, jewelry S, M, L_ XL, visual photography. It connects art media into one complex work of art and unites creators

Jana Vaterková – textile @janevat._
Nina Abramovičová – jewelry @abramovicovanina 
Kvet Nguyen – photography @kvetnguye

Jana Vaterkova, Kvet Nguyen, Nina Abramovičová