Beáta Gerbocová & Martin Gerboc: „LOCUS SOLUS“ THEATRE

We cordially invite you to the ceremonial opening of the "LOCUS SOLUS" Theater of Beata Gerbocová and Martin Gerboc.



  • Grand opening: 4. 10. 2023,  18:00

  • Exhibition duration: 4. 10 - 4. 11. 2023


About the exhibition:

The gallery space, representing the backstage of the theater, is designed according to the principle of Roussel's Locus Solus, where each of the exhibited objects is related to the neighboring one in a logical but ineffable relation to each other. The space, darkened with black paint, forms an obscure theatrical mise-en-scène with lights on tripods, "theatrical" costumes, paintings and reproduced music, an important part of the atmosphere. After crossing the gate of the gallery, we reach the far, static side of the stage, covered with backdrops and electrical distribution cables. The exhibition is not a direct commentary on Raymond Roussel's novel: for most viewers, its meaning would become unreadable in that case. It is conceived as a fragment of it, as proof of the unpredictability of thinking, the multidirectionality of reading and the mystery that cannot be deciphered. Like a time that has come to a definitive end.


Gerbocovi Locus Solus