Oksana Sadovenko: Pigeon Sleep

We cordially invite you to the exhibition of a student of the 3EAM studio in Blansko in the Czech Republic.



  • Duration: 20. 1. - 9. 3. 2024


Curator: Jana Písaříková

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In the installation that Oksana Sadovenko is preparing for the Gallery of the city of Blansko, she addresses the question of where the secret rulers of cities spend the night. Sleep is always a luxury and a secret, even if it is a street pigeon. Through her studies of street pigeons, the author gets to the essential themes of loss and the search for one's own identity, as well as the conditions of contemporary mobility and migration. One of the important parts of this exhibition is also an author's book inspired by a publication on pigeon breeding by the author Oskar Ferianec. In it, he touches not only on the dystopian apparatus of urban barriers against pigeons, but also on pigeons as utopian symbols in relation to vagrancy, freedom, and life on the street. The author also follows the Slovak author Peter Bartoš, who in the 1970s dealt with the topic of pigeon breeding and breeding in the context of his own conceptual practice.


Sadovenko Pigeon Sleep - poster