Auction house SOGA cordially invites you to the opening of the exhibition Matej Fabian Strategicon.



  • Opening: Thursday, January 25, 2024 at 7 p.m.

  • Exhibition duration: The exhibition will be open to the public from January 29 to February 29, 2024

    • Opening hours:
      Monday - Friday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.


Curator: Nina Gažovičová

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Matej Fabian's painting cycle "Strategicon" was created as a reaction to the invasion of Ukraine. The author does not react to the situation directly, rather he resigns himself to the present and returns to history. And that to military and local history. The result is eleven large-format canvases depicting important battles that took place on our territory or in its immediate vicinity. The time frame of the cycle is from 907 to 1866, that is, it maps the way of conducting medieval and modern military operations.

The name Strategicon is a borrowed name of the Byzantine military codex, originating from the 6th century, which names the basic tactics and strategies of this period. The codex is one of the oldest texts in this field, and moreover, it is written in Latin, which was the official language in medieval Hungary (until 1844). The codex may also be because the individual paintings have similar formats from a formal point of view, that is, under certain circumstances, the pages of an imaginary monumental book could be considered.

An important element in the creation of this cycle is Vojtech Dangl's book, Bitky a bojiská, which was published in 1984 and is a basic map/treatise on battles on the territory of Slovakia, in the period from Great Moravia to the Battle of Lamač.


Matej Fabian STRATEGICON invitation


The creation of the exhibited works was supported using public sources by Slovak Art Council in the form of a scholarship.