Two-year supplementary study

Special Offer of Supplementary Non-degree Study for International and Domestic students

Two-year supplementary study (TSS) is another form of study within the lifelong education and consists of four semesters. The study is focused on increasing qualifications and acquiring further specialization in fine arts. The prerequisite is the completion of the first or secondary level of higher education. The student receives a Certification of Studies – confirmation of completing the supplementary study at AFAD, which is not an equivalent to a standard Master’s or Bachelor’s degree. The study plan consists entirely of an obligatory main course– atelier, History of Art (more concrete specification is stated in Internal Regulations for organizing two-year supplementary study.), Drawing and one theoretical or practical course. It is an intensive, practical atelier study with daily attendance or an approved individual study plan. The study is not based on the credit system of study. Courses are evaluated by using the usual A-FX scale.  The student receives a notification in their index books about passing the course (pass.) and a grading result.


The semester fee is paid for the study. The fee is adjusted by the Internal Regulations on tuition fees and fees related to the two-year supplementary study valid for the academic year concerned. If the student quits the study, the fee will not be refunded.

For informations about Admissions for Two-year Supplementary Study visit "Addmisions Two-year Supplementary Study"