Completion of Studies

Information about Requirements for Successful Completion of Master’s Degree Programs

Completion of StudiesThe final work of the master’s degree programs at AFAD is a Master's Thesis, which consists of a practical and a written part, both of them following one theme. The practical part of the Master's Thesis is supervised by a tutor (the head teacher of the atelier/studio), and the theoretical part is consulted with a consultant (historian or art theorist).

Depending on the type of study program the master’s thesis consists of a work of art or a set of works of art, or an architectural project which includes project documentation, architectural installation or documentation of architectural research. It can also be a design project including a realized prototype, model studies, or a work of art or a set of works from the field of ​​visual communication, a restored work of art or a set of restored works of art with the complete art restoration documentation.

The written part of Master’s Thesis contains three parts bound into one unit. The first part is an elaborated theoretical work within the range of 20 standard pages and its content is supposed to be related to the practical part of Master’s Thesis. The second part is a documentation of the practical part of the Master’s Thesis, the third part is a report on the Master’s Thesis.

The defense of the Master's Thesis is conducted by a committee whose chairperson and members are appointed by the Rector. During the defence, a member of the committee may propose a change of evaluation. The course of the defence and the announcement of the result are public, but the committee’s course of decision-making and evaluation of the thesis are held at the closed meeting which is not intended for the public. The student who fails to defend his/her Master’s Thesis can enroll in the state exam one more time within the period of two years. If the student fails to defend his/her Master’s Thesis on the next date or he/she does not enroll in the exam, he/she will be excluded from the study program.

The State Exam in theoretical subjects is one of the requirements for completing master’s degree study programs at AFAD. This exam consists of two blocks: 1. History of the discipline studied; 2. Theory of the discipline studied. A student chooses one question in a form of drawing lots from each block. If the student’s result from the State Exam is FX, he or she is allowed to take the exam one more time. If he/she fails to answer the question from one block, his/her final result is FX, but in his/her retake exam the student chooses the questions only from the block he/she has failed in. If the student’s result is repeatedly FX, he/ she is excluded from the study for not meeting requirements of the study program.