Structure of semester

Basic information about courses

Students will receive basic information regarding their AFAD study programme at the Orientation Day, which takes places regularly at the beginning of each semester. The student selects courses from his/her study programme. For more information, please see the Handbook AFAD.

Structure for selecting courses for exchange students:


  • Studio – 8, 10 or 15 ECTS, depending if you’re a bachelor or a master’s student. Students cannot have more than 1 studio. Students either select a studio or they are allocated to one.
  • Selected Chapters from Modern and Contemporary Visual Art – 5 ECTS (page 11 of the handbook). A theoretical course led by academic staff of the Theory and History of Art Department. Presentations on various topics.


  • Professional courses - courses from the student’s department
  • AFAD Module for Exchange Students – courses from page 11 of the Handbook
  • Drawing - 3 – 5 hours/week, earning 4 – 5 ECTS. The drawing course is led by pedagogues of the Division of Drawing
  • Students can select courses from other departments only after a consultation with the Erasmus+ Coordinator and the pedagogoue of the given course