Ján Kralovič: Without cover / illustrations of neo-avant-garde artists in the 1960s - 1980s in Slovakia

Exhibition THIS! is the story of an illustration brings a lot of illustrations that we remember from the books that we read as children, and from those that we read with our children now. However, we often don't even know the illustrators who created them. And so we often miss how amazing the Slovak illustrator tradition is.




  • September 27, 2023, 5 p.m.


About the lecture

The lecture of Ján Kralovič will focus on the illustrations of authors who, within the scope of their free work, mainly responded to contemporary currents of conceptual, project, object or action art or were based on the analysis of classical media and explored their boundaries. For several of them, intensive cooperation with publishing houses became an activity that ensured their livelihood in the difficult times of normalization, but at the same time represented an interesting, creative position in their work. The goal is to use the specific example of women authors (J. Želibská, Ľ. Lauffová) and men authors (J. Koller, D. Tóth, J. Zavarský, Ľ. Ďurček, D. Fischer, etc.) to bring their art-book realizations closer together. For several, parallels in relation to free creation appear within the framework of illustrator activities. The given selection is not a comprehensive list of their illustration work, but they represent examples that clarify the artistic language they used to make illustrations.


The lecture is free for students of art programs.


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