Statement of the Academic Senate of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava

The Academic Senate of AFAD has been following carefully and with concern the recent development and events by the Slovak government in relation to the management of cultural institutions, which are of course the public property of all of us. As members of AS AFAD, we clearly define ourselves against practices aimed at usurping control of cultural and public institutions. ​

The Slovak Republic is, by definition and constitutionally, a democracy enabling the participation and engagement of all citizens in the administration of public affairs. For this reason, we call on civil society, cultural institutions, public bodies and organisations to speak out and address about these recent developments. It is inadmissible that the decisions of the government representatives of the state on the form and future of public institutions take place without the participation of the civil and professional public.


The Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava, which educates and nurtures future generations of visual artists, is clearly aware of its responsibility for the development of an open, inclusive, equitable and pluralistic social and creative environment. It is important that public cultural institutions perform their functions for the benefit of current and future generations of artists and citizens of the Slovak Republic.


Resilient, vibrant and productive institutions can only be created through dialogue between competent participants, stake holders and all citizens. At the current juncture, it is imperative that we together face the systematic erosion and liquidation of cultural institutions by the state apparatus.


Therefore, we invite you to a discussion about the present and future of the Kunsthalle, which will take place:

on February 27, 2024 from 5 p.m.,


in the AFAD building in Bratislava, Hviezdoslavovo nám.18.