Counseling for AFAD students regarding professional presentation of one's own project and brand from next Wednesday, October 26

Through the Support and Counseling Center for VŠVU students in Bratislava, we have the opportunity to provide free counseling for VŠVU students, the content of which relates to various aspects of the application of an artist, designer, utility artist in professional and commercial practice. Keep track of your school email addresses.


About Slovak Fashion Council

Slovak Fashion Council (SFC) is a professional non-profit organization that supports and develops the Slovak fashion ecosystem. SFC was established in 2011 and its founder is fashion designer Dana Kleinert with many domestic and foreign awards.


The mission is to raise the educational level of designers and industry professionals, to bring opportunities for designers and brands to sell in retail and obtain wholesale orders; create opportunities to present yourself at home and abroad and is a supportive professional business place for the fashion and textile industry in Slovakia and abroad. Since 2022, it has been a member of the newly established European network European Fashion Alliance.


The vision of the SFC is to improve the functioning of the fashion industry in Slovakia so that domestic designers and professionals from the industry generate profit, form a significant component of the creative industry and culture, and so that Slovakia gains credibility and creates a distinctive awareness abroad.



Zuzana Bobiková

Zuzana obtained a master's degree in strategic management in 2006 and, combined with experience in the creative sector, wanted to support the developing fashion segment in Slovakia. Later, together with the successful fashion designer, Dana Kleinert, she created a support strategy for the Slovak fashion industry, and since December 2019, she creates the program and manages the Slovak Fashion Council (SFC) in the position of executive director.


Zuzana Bobiková, foto: Petra Bošanská / SME