BOOKSWAP at the Support and Counseling Center on Drotárska on 3/19/2024

As part of March - the month of books, we will hold a "BOOKSWAP" on March 19 in our office at Drotárska 44 on the 3rd floor. You can take or bring a book. This year again, there will also be an opportunity to talk with career counselors about what information and services you are missing, answer Your career questions or just talk in general.


  • D315 - office of Support and Counseling center
  • 3rd floor, through the staircase right by the reception


  • March 19, cca 9 a. m.  –  4 p. m.


About what?

  • You can bring a book, but also a magazine, catalog, etc. which already cramp your home, but would still be of use / make someone happy.
  • We put fresh set of books on the shelf for this occassion!

  • Of course, you can also use the time to speak with us. Not only what interesting You have read lately, but also about what information and resources You would be happy to see at AFAD, whats challenging in Your study etc.
  • Or at least you will find out where you can actually find us!;)


We are looking forward to seeing You!


Location of the Support and Counseling Center on Drotárska