Diploma work: Oksana Sadovenko – Pigeonland

We invite you to the opening and exhibition of Oksana Sadovenko called PIGEONLAND, which takes place in the Old Town Gallery of Zichy from June 18 to July 19, 2024



  • Opening: on June 18 at 6 p.m

  • Trvanie výstavy: od 18. júna do 19. júla 2024

  • admission to the opening and the exhibition is free



  • Simona Pallesichová

    • (graduate student in the History and Practice of Contemporary Art program at the AFAD)


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The exhibition is part of the presentation of the diploma work of an AFAD graduate from the Studio 3EAM under the guidance of Mgr. art. Rastislav Sedlačík, ArtD. and Mgr. art. Matej Fabian, ArtD..

You can find the entire program of the Old Town Cultural Centers at  https://staromestskekulturnecentra.sk/