New Interfaces/Ida Želinská: Intimate Screens

A case study of one relationship and a few things around it.

We cordially invite you to the MEDIUM Gallery for the third lecture in the New Interface series entitled ‘Intimate Screens (a case study of one relationship and a few things around it)’. The lecture will be held by a social consultant Ida Želinská, who is predominantely dealing with the mechanisms of the relationships between people and institutions.

The lecture will be held in Slovak language.

Ida Želinská will take a closer look at a case of a banal relationship (it really is true that ‘for the purpose of a good analysis one is enough’), which began on the game platform. What happens when the fictions turns into a real closeness? How layered is the identity of a person, how fluidly can it flow from a role to another role? And how the destruction of the ‘real’ destroys the virtual fantasy (about oneself) as well?

Ida Želinská is a social consultant and analyst. She is dealing predominantely with the mechanisms of the relationships between people and institutions. She operates within her own project iné ako čierno-biele riešenia and in the association kolektív neon. She manages, together with Mária Rojko and Miloš Kopták, a gallery of illustration TOTO! je galéria in Bratislava.

The lecture is a part of the New Interfaces series, which is dramaturgically covered by the head of the MEDIUM Gallery, Miroslava Urbanová. The New Interfaces are a series of interdisciplinary lectures led by experts in various fields - literature, psychology, social sciences, aesthetics and game theory and art. They deal with topics that resonate in the work of the youngest artists working within the post-media environment. The cycle will focus primarily on topics related to our cognitive conditions in the interfaces of constantly evolving technologies and in contrast to the desire for authentic, visceral experience escaping out here-and-now. These themes appear in art with increasing urgency, both in the overproduction of performative works or works thematizing these new interfaces. The lectures also reflect the themes that appear in the dramaturgy of the exhibition plan of the MEDIUM gallery and its reading club for students What´s the Point?

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.