Blue Lecture Series/P. Stolín & A. Mičeková, J. Stolín

The BLUE LECTURE SERIES lecture series continues with the 10th part and at the same time the first of the series that will be available in person. Architects and teachers Petr Stolín and Alena Mičeková and sculptor and teacher Jan Stolín will introduce themselves.

In the lecture room of VŠVU no. 220 on Hviezdoslav Square in Bratislava

Petr Stolín and Alena Mičeková belong to a small group of contemporary Czech architects, whose work can withstand comparisons with the world's top in the field. Their designs do not submit to the speed and photogenicity of media events, because the main goal is to develop an authentic living space experience. The reason for the success is the long-term search for the basic qualities of the art of construction, which led them to the developed poetics of sobriety.

If we talk about Petr Stolín, then we can never miss the collaboration with his brother Jan, a sculptor. They collaborate in constantly crossing the line between fine arts and architecture. In joint projects, they strive to capitalize on their many years of experience working with space, which includes many conscious and random acquired qualities. It is a vision of a totally controlled environment, an environment that is also built as open and offers itself for the perception of new spatial contexts. The main topic is the active reinterpretation of space through architectural interventions, embedded partitions, light, sound and movement of visitors. The goal is to bring an unusual experience to the commonly experienced space. In recent years, this has been very evident, for example, at their joint exhibition at the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery with a surprising experience of the local gallery.

Petr Stolín works as an associate professor and head of the Department of Architecture at the Faculty of Arts and Architecture of the Technical University in Liberec, where together with Alena Mičeková she teaches architecture by leading a specific studio of conceptual analog modeling. Brother Jan is the head associate professor of the Department of Arts here and is currently sponsoring a new study program in Fine Arts in Public Space.