Adrián Kobetič: New interfaces 02 / Constantly rewritten story. Reflections on the Present of the Public Space

You are cordially invited to a lecture by the city curator of Trnava, Adrián Kobetič, which will take place on Thursday, 13 April 2023 at 6pm at the MEDIUM Gallery as part of the lecture series New Interfaces 02.

MEDIUM Gallery, Hviezdoslavovo námestie 18, Bratislava

The lecture will be held in Slovak language.


Adrián Kobetič's lecture is a narrative about the space in which the untouchable occupier has become the liberator and must be looked at by Štefánik himself. He himself arrived here from a place where crime is still celebrated, but it looks like a folk feast. In the same place, Gottwald's feet were turned into Pazmáň's head, and the hiding Gottwald lost a finger. Meanwhile, at Gottwald's longed-for eternal resting place, the spiral of human evolution culminated, fortunately only in the form of the Holy Trinity, in which the Virgin Mary was forgotten - but nobody minded. As long as she's back where she belongs, after having scattered all over the place. I mean... Our Lady has returned a little further, to the circle of reliable socialist construction.

Fortunately, there are other mothers and families standing nearby - so perhaps Our Lady feels safe enough in this environment. How else, all the time she is looking at these events with detachment and from such a height that nobody even noticed her for a long time. Nevertheless, the Pope, a football coach and an astronomer have already come to her rescue. The astronomer came perhaps because of the astronaut, who had flown a fair distance himself and still didn't know where he belonged. But no one is addressing that, after all, almost everyone who has meant this space has traveled/flew through it to find peace. In doing so, some personalities got completely lost. Or maybe they are waiting somewhere hidden and forgotten for their moment. Indeed, many perhaps still believe today that they will return with vigour back to their pedestals. That they will rise almost like a phoenix from the ashes - from the ashes of the burnt 20th century.

Adrián Kobetič will talk about the public space of one city and how its absurd fate was rewritten. The conclusion of his story will be accompanied by a naive and quite intrusive question: how can anything be added to this bizarro so that the entropy of public space does not continue to expand?


Adrián Kobetič graduated in History and Theory of Art and Architecture at the Faculty of Arts, University of Trnava. After graduation he worked as a curator at the Nitra Gallery. Currently he works as a city curator in Trnava and is also a PhD student at the Institute of Art History of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and at the Faculty of Arts of Trnava University.


The interdisciplinary lecture series New Interfaces 02 in the dramaturgy of the head of the MEDIUM Gallery, Miroslava Urbanová, focuses on topics affecting our conditions of cognition in the interfaces of constantly updating technologies and in contrast to the desire for an authentic, visceral experience of the escaping here and now. It focuses primarily on the investigation and reflection of different types of spaces, their meanings, transformations, cohabitation within spaces: public space, digital spaces, topoi, spaces that remain seemingly untouched by people, or are totally and irreversibly transformed. The aim of the lectures is to provide a comprehensible approach to aspects of our lived online present in circles that reflect the posthumanist discourse, transformations in the perception of time and temporality, new artistic interfaces such as game art. At the same time, the lectures reflect the themes that appear in the dramaturgy of the exhibition plan of the gallery (and the reading club for VŠVU students What's the Point?), which carries a certain line of tension between the subject reacting to the new interfaces of technological progress, its effects on our perception of living and virtual reality and escape to the corporeality of experience.


Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

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