We stand by Slovak Arts Council!

We are concerned about the development of the situation regarding the proposed amendment of Act no. 284/2014 on the Slovak Art Council, which threatens the expertise and independence of this institution.

Despite the limited and still insufficient funds, the FPU (Slovak Art Council in Slovak Fond na podporu umenia) did not provide subsidies only to a certain group of "chosen ones". However, expert commissions selected projects based on their quality and contribution, across the entire geographical, thematic and artistic spectrum. Projects in the field of theater, dance, literature, visual arts, music, folklore, digital games were supported, as grants and scholarships for preparation, research or the organization itself.


We also would like to thank the FPU for the support of our activities, which go beyond basic pedagogical activities. Thanks to the specific support destined for projects of art academies, our students could travel and participate in professional events abroad, we could organize exhibitions and public presentations of their works or (interdisciplinary) lectures. Through these projects, they gained experience and skills which, after graduation, they can actively use in developing our culture and art. Just like our graduates, who are already part of the scene and thanks to FPU, they can continue to work and thus bring and implement their projects and ideas in Slovakia.


If you want to learn more about the proposed amendments, read the FPU statement:


If you want to help prevent the adoption of this amendment, you can find some suggestions on the Open Culture! / Otvorená kultúra! FB page.