Visit of the State Secretary of the Ministry of Education at the AFAD

On February 22, Róbert Zsembera, State Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Research, Development and Youth of the Slovak Republic, visited our school for the first time. As part of a tour of the school on Drotárska cesta, he visited our studios and met with the teaching staff. Among other things, he confirmed to the school management the financial participation of the Ministry in the preparation of the ArtCampus project documentation.

"The representatives of the academy not only have bold ambitions, but also clear plans on how to raise the quality of the study and teaching environment even more. During the inspection of the premises of the school, I once again felt the pride in our teachers and students, which I also meet at other Slovak universities. I am glad that during the visit I was able to inform the rector and her colleagues that the Ministry of Education will participate financially in the development of project documentation, which will help the Academy of Fine Arts and Design to take an imaginary first step towards making its premises on Drotárska Street more attractive," said Róbert Zsembera. At the same time, the State Secretary added that the academy had successfully obtained institutional accreditation.

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Foto: Facebook – Róbert Zsembera


"It was the first official visit of representatives of the Ministry of Education to the AFAD campus that I can remember over the years. I think this is a very good start. Talking about the problems but also the successes of our school in the circle of our partners, colleagues and students is always an exceptional situation. I am convinced that this is the way to build trust between the school and the ministry, how to support and raise higher education in Slovakia," added Bohunka Koklesová, rector of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design.