Thank you for your support!

Since the outbreak of the war beyond our borders, we have been trying our best to most effectively help not only our Ukrainian students who have been studying at our academy for a long time, but also others who have come from universities in Ukraine.

We also need your help to cover the costs associated with their studies and basic living needs. We therefore use our transparent account called the AFAD Solidarity Fund to collect contributions from individual donors, as well as from larger subjects.

We would therefore like to sincerely thank all the contributors who have supported our efforts so far. We thank each and every one of you separately.

We are also grateful for the larger contributions that have been made by our partners and supporters, for example, thanks to the public events that have been organized for this account.

We namely thank to:

  • Tatra banka
  • Čierne diery, NGO for the proceeds from the sale of Erik Šille's prints
  • T3 – kultúrny prostriedok for organising a benefit concert Benefit: Stroon/Tomas Pristiak/Erik Pánči/DIMM/Digástorcie
  • the students of the School of Design and our student Jakub Tóth for organizing a charity sale of their prints and T-shirts

We continue to raise contributions, as our students still need our help.

If you would like to contribute, all information about the AFAD Solidarity Fund can be found here: