Support of the internationalization process of VŠVU in Bratislava

Development project financially supported by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic. During the solution period, it focuses on expanding cooperation with the international environment in the field of art education, supporting direct contact of students and teachers of the school with top performances in art, design and architecture, as well as more intensive English language teaching for students, teachers and school staff for fine arts and its presentation.

Thanks to the project, it was possible to implement the long-planned extension of the teaching process by the institute of a visiting professor. It is a significant enrichment of the academic environment with four internationally recognized personalities within all fields of study (fine arts, design, architectural creation and restoration). Based on the requirements of individual departments and studios, 15 short-term training courses with foreign lecturers were implemented. The teaching was focused on the development of skills in the field of artistic creation, work with technologies and art theory. During the three years of the project, students and teachers had the opportunity to visit 12 top international exhibitions of art, design and architecture and thus confront the international scene live.


2017 – 2019

Project completed