Successes of Atelier vvv

Studio vvv , led by Martin Piaček and his assistant Dávid Koronczi, is one of three studios at the Department of Intermedia, AFAD. Recently, students, doctoral students as well as teachers have received significant nominations or media attention.

Two of the doctoral students of this studio, Kristián Németh and Jozef Pilát, were nominated for the four finalists of this year's Oscar Čepan Award, which is intended for professional visual artists under the age of 40. The final exhibition will take place this year in the New Synagogue in Žilina, where we will learn the name of the winner on 13 November 2020.

In addition, the studio has entered the new - 55th edition of the Czech-Slovak version of the Flash Art magazine, which focuses on art projects dedicated to the topic of food. The students of the studio dealt with the same issues throughout this year, which in the winter semester resulted in a joint exhibition "Vývar", which is the subject of the theorist and curator Lýdia Pribišová. In addition, you will also find interviews with the head of the studio, Martin Piaček, and his assistant, Dávid Koroncz, who also illustrates the cover with his photograph of bread.

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