Submission of applications for bachelor studies possible - dont forget to send them by post, too

Thank you to all of you who visited us on the Open Doors Day, 27 October!

We also need to receive your bachelor's application physically, by Post. Only then can we fully process it.


More information in the section "How applications for bachelor's studies are submitted" TU, paragraph 5. Step 2.

When you sent the e-application, you also completed the necessary attachments. By sending the application with the attachments on time and by post, you will save yourself stress during the period when you can use your time better for preparing your portfolio.



We remind all those interested in bachelor's studies that portfolios for the first round of the admission process must be submitted by 8:00 a.m. on December 9. see HERE.


We therefore recommend that you submit your applications now so that you can then concentrate on preparing your portfolio according to the requirements of the program you wish to apply to.


You can also use the possibility of consultation with teachers, which can be a valuable guide in preparing for the admission procedure.


We wish you much success in the first round, and we hope to meet you in the second round as well!