Research: What helps you maintain mental wellbeing?

2-minute questionnaire for the AFAD students

The research of KVK diploma student Valentína Kazaková will be reflected in the design of the mental health diary.

The aim of this short anonymous questionnaire is to find out what students of the AFAD would most welcome in the field of mental health and well-being, with which exercises or methods for the development of mental health they have experience and the like.

You can fill the questionnaire in here.

Most of us overlook the mental health field and move it to the sidelines. The causes can be different, but they all start with insufficient education and awareness of this issue. The diary - the result of the diploma thesis - wants to provide support in this area in the form of exercises, information, etc., the results of the research will affect its content. The statistics will also be used by the Support and Counseling Center for their further work.

Thank You