Rector's Awards 2020/2021

We publish a list of this year's graduates who have received the Rector's Award for their diploma theses, as well as an extraordinary award for a project beneficial to the AFAD. The list is accompanied by the reasons for the selection by our Rector Bohunka Koklesová.

Petr Baďura

Studio Transport design, Department of Design

"I have decided to award you the rector's award for your diploma thesis, which formulates a vision for the future of urban mobility. In your work, I appreciated not only the design of the car, its interior, but also the solutions associated with sustainable living based on your concept of integrated mobility in an urban environment."

Diploma of Peter Baďura

Michal Golák

Sculpture in 3D Virtual Space and in Architecture, Department of Sculpture, object, installation

"Your diploma thesis convinced me of how important it is to pay attention to the periphery, places marked by industrial pollution, neglect and need. Your installation carries many elements of environmental urgency and I think you have taken the right steps and such themes will resonate more and more in artistic practice."

Diploma of Michal Golák

Kristína Ligačová

Glass Studio, Department of Applied Arts

"When I entered the glass studio, I knew I had to give you the rector's award. Without reading anything about your work or getting to know you personally. Your subtle installation of glass blinds is exceptional because it can offer more contexts and wide interpretive possibilities in its simplicity.”

Diploma of Kristína Ligačová

Kvet Hoa Nguyen

Studio of Photography, Reality, Construction, Department of Photography and New Media

"I have decided to award you the rector's award for your diploma thesis, which deals with a minority group of the population through a photographic installation. I appreciate that you have not approached this issue through documentary photography, but you are actively working with photography as a key medium of contemporary art."

Diploma of Kvet Hoa Nguyen

Michal Šumichrast

Printmaking Studio, Department of Printmaking and Other Media

"It is not very often that students of our academy work with humor, wit and absurdity. You succeeded it in your diploma thesis and I personally appreciate your ability to visualize the narrative, in which you combine traditional Slovak customs with consumer culture, but other historical or global contexts."

Diploma of Michal Šumichrast

Stanislav Macko

4th studio, Department of Painting

"In your diploma thesis, I appreciated your paintings, which are related to the search for relationships between the painting structure and the architecture of the space. You achieved the inner space of the paintings with an inventive combination of placing clean surfaces on the canvas together with painted fragments."

Diploma of Stanislav Macko

Kristína Uličná

Studio Typo, Department of Visual Communication

"In your diploma thesis, I appreciate its elaboration in the form of a book publication, in which you mediate various ways of cooperation in the field of visual communication in a very innovative way. I have reviewed your publication several times and I will always find new ideas in it that are valuable and inspiring. "

Diploma of Kristína Uličná

Viktor Kováč

Special Award for Digital Semester Exhibition

"I have decided to award you special rector's award for your idea and implementation of the Digital Semester Exhibition. You implemented it during a pandemic, when the school was closed and students could not present their semester works in public. I must say that you supported school in times of crisis, you did something special for your classmates. And thank you for that."

Special award for Digital Survey