Professor Jozef Lacko Award

Video game space: diploma thesis awarded for the most remarkable visionary qualities of the design in the current year of the Professor Jozef Lacko Award. The final work of Viliam Jankovič, graduate of the Department of Architecture of the AFAD, from the selection of the jury of the national competition for the best diploma thesis of graduates of architectural schools.

The aim of the thesis is to analyze the understanding of architecture in the field of virtual media and game design and to explore what architecture means in virtual space or directly in a video game. What can virtual space offer through architecture, or vice versa, what does it rob us of? To look and get acquainted with the topic of space and its display in this area and look for common features, differences, or limits.

The theoretical work seamlessly follows the practical work, which deals with unconventional space, game mechanics and navigation. The author works with interesting principles of disruption, natural perception of space and the erasure of the possibility of traditional orientation. The strong moment is "Unreality", which, however, is governed by clear and logical principles.

For the stimulus and uniqueness of the work on a theoretical level and its transformation into a virtual space, the jury of the Professor Jozef Lacko Award decided to award the work of Viliam Jankovič the PRO FUTURO reward.

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