Open call of the Jozef Kollár Gallery 2022/2023

The Jozef Kollár Gallery (GaJK) in Banská Štiavnica, which belongs to the Slovak Mining Museum (SBM), announces an Open Call for exhibition projects, which will be implemented in the period 2022/23. The call is also open to curatorial projects, whether in the field of contemporary art or from the collections of galleries and museums.

The exhibitions will be located in the intimate space on the 1st floor of the GaJK. We want to offer this space, called START UP, for a long time for presentations by non-established authors, curators / (including students of Art and Art History or related fields) of the domestic as well as foreign scene. By this we mean not only young, beginning authors, but people of all ages who have not yet established themselves on the art scene due to work or personal duties or other circumstances. In line with the new direction of both the SBM and the GaJK, priority will be given to projects that reflect the current environmental crisis, either directly or in the context of other topics.

For projects selected under this call, the GaJK will provide: transport of works within Slovakia, printing of promotional materials, installation assistance, assistance with securing material for the exhibition, PR, accommodation for the author, supervision and monitoring of the exhibition, lectures, creation of accompanying activities.

If you are interested in applying for the Open Call, send us a project annotation together with visual documentation, your CV and portfolio by 31 October 2021 to You can also contact us with any questions at this email address.

We will select a maximum of 3 of the submitted projects. The members of the Gallery Board of the Jozef Kollár Gallery will decide on their selection.

Indicative dates for the implementation of exhibitions from this Open Call:

  • April - July 2022
  • August - November 2022
  • November 2022 - April 2023

The floor plan and photos of the START UP exhibition space are available at:

Notice: If you do not receive a confirmation of delivery of the application to the Open Call within two days, please send us a short e-mail message stating the date when you sent your project. In the previous Open Call, some projects were not delivered to us, so we would like to avoid a similar situation. If you send the project in the last two days before the deadline, it is necessary to take this risk into account. Thank You for Your understanding.