Open call: National Design Award 2022

The National Design Award, an award announced by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic and the Slovak Design Center, is returning after last year's successful year in the field of product design and will re-award the best Slovak communication design after two years.

The current 19th year will bring a few changes, not only visually, but the changes will also occur in the application itself. After a few years, a one-off competition fee of EUR 50 was reintroduced. Exceptions are student works, the registration of which is free of charge.

11 competition categories offer a wide range of entries, from a single product to complex communication systems that have been put into practice. In addition to originality, innovation, technical and technological sophistication, an important criterion for the evaluation of works is their social and ecological function, supporting the idea of ​​sustainability.

You can submit your works (created from 01. 01. 2020 to 31. 12. 2021) in the following categories - Campaign, Identity, Books and publications, Digital, Animation and video, Space, Font, Cover and object, Poster and visual, New horizons, Student design. You can find their detailed specifications in the Competition Conditions.

The curator of the 19th year of the NDA is Ondrej Gavalda, a graphic designer and at the same time an assistant professor at the Department of Visual Communication at the AFAD. He specializes in the creation of visual identities and book design. He also deals with experimental typography and modular fonts.

“I consider the last year of the National Communication Design Award to be a turning point. It managed to significantly expand the number of individual categories and define their content. This new definition has greatly facilitated the assessment of common parameters for individual projects and at the same time made the exposure of individual categories more transparent to the public. The seventeenth year was also significant for the record number of entries. I believe that these changes are also perceived positively by the design community and will continue to be in favour of the competition even in the just beginning 19th year. I look forward to a number of entries,”said Ondrej Gavalda, curator of NCD22.