Online Art Auction for Ukraine

Dear students, dear graduates, each of us tries to help in this situation as much as he or she can and manages. We at the Department of Printmaking  and other media try also to help Ukraine with our works. Similar to the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, we have decided to hold an online charity auction of our works.

Proceeds will go to the transparent AFAD Solidarity Fund, from which funds are drawn to support our students from Ukraine and also  those who came to us to study.

You can contribute with your works (drawings, prints, T-shirts, books, zines...) provided that the format does not exceed A3, due to shipping and packaging.

Please send previews with the title, technique, format, starting price and any questions to the e-mail .

The deadline for sending us works is Friday March 25.

Afterwards, we will inform you about the possibilities of their physical delivery. We also welcome any helping hand, for example with photographing, packaging and distributing works.

Thank you!

Terézia Fillová
Zuzana Šebelová
Andrea Pézman