Navigating the World of Art Business program starting this Tuesday

The support and counseling center for students of AFAD in Bratislava invites AFAD students to the program, the content of which relates to various aspects of the application of an artist, designer, applied artist in professional and commercial practice. Keep track of your school email addresses.


The program is led by Mrs. Alica Mozolíková.

Thematically, the program addresses the context in which the flow of artworks and money between artists and collectors or collecting institutions takes place, how the value of the production (or names) of a specific creative individual is constituted in it, etc.

This information can significantly help you orient yourself in independent practice.

The program will be held in English.



This programme introduces students to key themes, practices and issues within the art world. It aims to develop knowledge and understanding which will enable students to operate successfully within the art world. The teaching is focused on the theories and practices underlying the international art world.


The focus lies in the principal organisations that constitute the art world, including, museums, auction houses, commercial galleries and fairs. Into consideration are taken networks and relationships that facilitate operations of the art world. The programme introduces aspects of art business, including organisational and financial models as well as ethical issues which affect the functioning of the primary and secondary art markets; examples and case studies are used through. Notions of connoisseurship and authenticity are discussed in relation to the art market. Collecting and curatorial approaches and interpretation of art works constitute part of this teaching.


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