Meeting of the Academic Senate on Monday 3/25/2024, 9 a.m.

Dear members of the Academic Senate of AFAD, I invite you to the meeting of the Academic Senate of AFAD on Monday, March 25, 2024 at 9 a.m. at the building at Drotárska cesta 44 (room number to be yet specified)

Venue: D44 building

Agenda of the meeting:


  1. Opening and approval of the meeting agenda.
  2. Control of quorum and implementation of resolutions.
  3. Election of scrutineers, design committee and minutes verifiers.
  4. Hearing of candidate Mgr. Silvia Hroncová for repeated membership in the Academic Board of AFAD (her membership was canceled during her tenure as Minister of Culture).
  5. Discussion and approval of the draft budget breakdown for 2024 - submitted by Ing. Skanderova.
  6. Discussion and approval of the proposal for changes in the systematization of jobs at AFAD - presented by Rector Koklesová.
  7. Discussion and approval of the report on the activities of AS AFAD for the year 2023 - presented by the chairman of AS Macho.
  8. Report on the drawing of funds for the reconstruction of the rectory, Medium Gallery, Artshop and additional funding for technology at the Department of Restoration - submitted by Ing. Skanderova.
  9. Discussion and approval of the directive on teaching duties at AFAD - presented by Rector Koklesová.
  10. Presentation of the proposal for the composition of the Ethics Commission and its approval - submitted by Rector Koklesová
  11. Presentation and approval of the scheme of the AFAD Organizational Rules - presented by Rector Koklesová
  12. Discussion and approval of the amount and duration of the leased space for the Verne restaurant - presented by Ing. Skanderova
  13. Commenting on the appeals of unsuccessful candidates for the bc. study in acad. year 2024/25 after the 2nd round of admissions - submitted by vice-rector Lacko
  14. Different
  15. Conclusion



doc. Mgr. art. Pavol Macho
Chairman of the AS AFAD