Increasing the level of the educational process in the field of kinetic architecture

The project is focused on the functions and realizations of movements (kinetic structures) in architectural designs and the transformation of the latest knowledge into the pedagogical process.

The research team of the project from the Department of Architectural Creation of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava will focus on the application spectrum of movements in architectural designs based on the study of existing solutions by well-known architects. Analyzes will be subjected and conclusions applicable in the pedagogical process will be formulated. The analysis will be performed on the basis of kinematic structures (serial, parallel, hybrid). The research team of the co-research workplace (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering STU in Bratislava) will focus on the possibilities of technical solution of movements in architectural works.

It is based on the movement of the body in space and its degree of freedom (DOF - Degree of Freedom). The possibilities of taking the degrees of freedom of the body and the implementation of translational and rotational movements will be explored. The principles and technical possibilities of realization of serial, parallel and hybrid kinematic structure will be explained and presented on practical examples. Using the kinematic structures of manipulators and robots, the working spaces of these structures will be presented.

The subject of the investigation is therefore the mobility of the mechanisms, i. j. the number of degrees of freedom of its movable members with respect to the base (fixed platform). Structural analysis is the basis for determining e.g. the number of drives, bearing design, speeds, accelerations and forces acting on the mechanism under investigation.

The results will be presented at a level suitable (acceptable) and necessary for students of architecture. The aim of the project is not to process knowledge at a high theoretical level, but to provide, classify the latest knowledge for the right decision-making of students in their kinetic architectural designs.

The findings will be presented in the form of study literature suitable for students of the Department of Architectural Creation, VŠVU in Bratislava.

Project no. 003VŠVU-4/2020


MŠVVaŠ SR, KEGA, Commission no. 4 for the development of culture and art

Responsible researcher:

Mgr. art. Júlia Kolláthová, ArtD., Department of Architectural Creation


2020 – 2022