Heimtextil 2021

The aim of the project is to present the Academy of Fine Arts at an international forum with worldwide participation: Heimtextil 2021.

It is a textile trade fair in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Specifically, we will present the Textile Design Studio (ATD) of the Department of Textile Design (KTT) VŠVU in the form of installation work and presentation of projects using textile design in experimental digital form, the use of nanofibers in the textile and packaging industry and environmental approach in product production. The aim is also to establish contacts with industry, other schools and it is also important to get to know the news, color and textile trends that are presented at the fair. The active moment of students' participation as actors, not just observers, is also important. The target group of the project are students who present their own work, participate in accompanying workshops and lectures, which will be part of the fair program. The target group is also the general professional and lay public, to whom the presentation of the ATD will be directed. Student support generates support from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava.

In 2019 at Heimtextil, our students were included as one of the first 4 schools within Heimtextil and thus spread the good name of VŠVU.

Contract number: 20-146-04354


Art Support Fund

Responsible researcher:

Mgr. art. Jaroslava Frajova, doc. M.A. Mária Fulková / Department of Textile Design /