Graduation show

The primary goal of the project is the public presentation and media coverage of graduate works of young fashion designers in front of the general lay and professional public, as well as the presentation of works Fashion Design Studio, Academy of Fine Arts and Design.

As the process of preparing a fashion show is part of the educational process in the Clothing Design Studio and one of the conditions for graduation is also the project to support the professional growth of students and professionalize not only their work, but also their production activities and presentations. Every year, the graduate fashion show provides an overview of the original authorial work of the latest generation of fashion designers, while helping them and becoming their springboard for their professional career in the field of clothing design.

Contract no. 2019diz136


Tatra banka Foundation, More Design program

Responsible researcher:

Mgr. art. Barbora Peuch, ArtD., Department of Textile Design