Project Gameair - situated in the area of Horehronie, but especially Gemer, has the ambition to create and describe ways and strategies of movement of a group of artists (studio) in the field, department of intermedia, with the implementation of specific individual/collective artistic performances, which will be presented in HotDock Gallery in Bratislava .

From the point of view of the liberal arts, the aim of which is society-wide reflection, laboratory work and experimentation, support beyond the curriculum is important. The Gameair project (in free translation: Rules of the Game) wants to enter reality and bring more art, more cooperation and responsibility not only to the Department of Intermedia at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, but also to the general public.

Gameair / Rules of the game is also a characteristic expression of its content. The sustainability of habitats in a cultured country, the search for a balance between the economic interests of individuals or the economic strategy of the state and a clean environment is exactly what we focus on our project. We want to expose and comment on violations of the rules of the "game" that we know exist. Environmental loads such as tars, emission deposits in the vicinity of magnesite plants in Jelšava and Lubeník and others are a challenge for us.

Contract no. 2019vu098


Tatra banka Foundation, More Art program

Responsible researcher:

Prof. Mgr. Anton Cierny, Mgr. art. Jaroslav Kyša, Department of Intermedia