Donate 2 percent of your tax to student projects

You can support activities and professional opportunities for our students again this year! Donate 2 percent of your taxes, which will be used for the realization of works of art, preparation of exhibitions and publications, or participation in professional events. The practical skills acquired during their studies through the preparation of projects and through presentations at home and abroad will help our students to become active professionals in our cultural scene and in other areas in the future.

In 2023, we supported the following projects:

  • Participation of students at the international fair Heimtextil in Frankfurt
  • Research group for research into innovative biomaterials at the Department of Architecture
  • Collective exhibition of diploma theses of the department of Photography and New Media in an external environment

In 2022, we supported for instance:


We use the contributions obtained on the PRO ART fund for various artistic and theoretical projects, but in 2024, we want to focus mainly on the support of:

  • Exhibition and artistic activities of the AFAD students in Slovakia and abroad,
  • Cultural and artistic events of the AFAD students,
  • Creation of extraordinary student artistic and theoretical works,
  • Creation of student associations on campus.


The non-investment fund PRO ART

If you are an employee, download the editable pre-filled Statement (RTF) and Tax Confirmation forms here

If you are filing a tax return, fill in the following information in the appropriate field:

  • Business name or title: Neinvestičný fond PRO ART „n. f. "
  • Registered seat: Hviezdoslavovo námestie č. 18, 811 01 Bratislava
  • Legal form: non-investment fund
  • Recipient identification number (IČO / SID): 31772340


Thank you for your support!