Design of font and vehicle registration plates

The new design of the plates with the vehicle registration number met with a positive response in professional circles in the field of design and font creation. The University of Fine Arts (VŠVU) in Bratislava was approached for the proposal after the state terminated the financially disadvantageous cooperation with the hitherto monopoly manufacturer of tables, which also owned the rights to their design.

The new plates are now produced directly by the state-owned joint-stock company Automobilové opravovne of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic at the site in Banská Bystrica.



The seemingly simple task of designing a new form of tables was actually a complex challenge. A number of factors influenced the design. On the one hand, it was the need for clear legibility, distinguishable characters, on the other hand, it was the limits of the production process, which could not cope with some features of ordinary font. In addition, the form of the tables is largely prescribed by law, which precisely defines some elements of the tables and does not allow them to be changed.

In this context, a thorough analysis of historical and existing designs across European countries took place at AFAD. The goal was to combine functionality with aesthetic value in the new tables. The students created a total of six proposals, one of which was selected and finalized in cooperation with a teacher who specializes in the design and creation of fonts.



Sample of new registration plates



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