Dance Macabre

A series of lectures on typography and publishing design

Dance macabre - Dance of Death is, slightly ironically, the name of a series of lectures focused on the presentation of work, especially by foreign professionals in the field of typography, font design and publishing design in Slovakia. Lectures form both a supportive form of the teaching process for students of visual communication, but they are also intended for professional and non-professional public with an interest in broader contexts of graphic design. The cycle follows up on the lectures that took place in October and November 2019 in the premises of the Cabinet of Slowness (Nová Cvernovka) in Bratislava and presented Slovak and Czech professionals in the field of publication design and typography. The guests were, for example, Ján Čumlivski, Pavlína Morháčová, Ľubica Segečová, Michal Tornyai and others. The aim of the lectures is to present the theoretical and practical part of the creation of graphic design in the form of a direct meeting with creators of world format. The co-organizers of the project are the Slovak Design Center and the Museum of Design, with which the Department of Visual Communication has direct cooperation. Invited guests are: Studio Joost Grootens (Netherlands), Irma Boom (Netherlands), Kristyan Sarkis (Netherlands), Schick Toikka type foundry (Germany), Ludwig Übele (Germany), B42 publishes books (France), Atelier Dyakova (GB), Letters from Sweden designs (Sweden), Teo Tuominen (Finland)

Contract number: 20-343-03050


Art Support Fund

Responsible researcher:

Mgr. art. Juraj Blasko, ArtD. / Department of Visual Communication /