Content and functional modernization of the art library

The main output of the project will be the updated fund of the AK VŠVU, which will be available for teaching and scientific activities for students and teachers of the school as well as for the general public immediately after registration in the library system. In the case of purchased electronic books, the library will also gain more flexible conditions for providing information in a nationwide context. With this purchase, the library will modernize its collection both in terms of the content of information and in terms of how it is provided.

The aim of the project is the acquisition of books in the field of fine arts, by which the AK VŠVU will obtain current sources of information in this field. The attached list of publications was created in cooperation with teachers of individual departments, which we wanted to ensure that the purchased literature will not only be tailored to the needs of the pedagogical process, but the expertise of our teachers also guarantees quality and up-to-date selection that will serve the general public. Under the influence of the information boom of social networks, libraries are experiencing a crisis, which they are trying to overcome both with the timeliness and expertise of the information they provide, as well as with the ways in which they make it possible to work with information. This acquisition is also the beginning of a new vision for the library, which wants to rely heavily on e-books in the future, so that the library can develop in line with modern library trends and also be able to flexibly provide as many library services as possible in times of crisis such as pandemic. The third aspect of this project is the support of small bookstores and importers of art literature. Therefore, we plan to purchase according to the attached list through the bookstore 82 Bøok & Design Shõp and the importer Art Books.

Contract number: 20-514-04443


Art Support Fund

Responsible researcher:

Mgr. Zuzana Lapitková, Academic Library of VŠVU