Climate crisis manual

The aim of the project is to create an author's artistic publication on the topic of the global climate crisis, through workshops to explain to participants the whole process of creation from content ideas, through preparation to the actual implementation and later presentation.

The planned output will be a low-cost author's publication created by self-publishing methods. The main educational benefit, in addition to working on a real work of art, is getting to know the whole creative process, the so-called self-publishing (publishing self-published art publications and magazines). Extending the awareness and experience of students and the professional public dealing with illustration with a fundamental space for their free creation in the field of illustration, which is lacking at home but is established worldwide as a space for free creation associated with illustration and free art. Entry of students and participants in the "self-publishing" process into the realm of independent alternative space of illustration through the exhibition and presentation of the work at exhibitions and the international festival of independent publishers TaBook in the Czech Republic. The origin of the author's publication should acquaint the participants with the whole process of the creation of the author's publication in cooperation with experts in this field, up to its presentation. The aim is to accelerate the interest in the field of author's book and self-publishing in the form of lectures, workshops and direct joint creation of the work - the author's book, at his own expense.

Contract number: 20-343-03254


Art Support Fund

Responsible researcher:

Mgr. art. Tomáš Klepoch, Department of Graphics and Other Media