Call for members of the AFAD academic community to submit proposals for candidates to the AS AFAD

The AFAD Election Commission for the elections to the AFAD Academic Senate invites all members of the AFAD Academic Community to submit proposals for candidates to the AFAD AS.


Each member of the academic community has the right to propose a member of the AC (with his consent - signature) as a candidate for the AS of AFAD in writing on the Proposal Form.


A member of the AC AFAD can apply himself as a candidate to the AS AFAD in the same way.



Proposals for candidacy must be delivered in a sealed envelope:


-  on the Drotárska cesta 44 into the hands of Mr. Mgr. Alena Gregor Očkaiová

- on Hviezdoslavov nám. no. 18 to a sealed box at the building's reception area

- at the latest on 11.10.2022 by 12:00 p.m.




Bratislava 12.9.2022

Assoc. Prof. Mgr. art. András Cséfalvay, ArtD.

chairman of the Election Commission for AS AFAD

Návrhový lístok na stiahnutie

Proposal list, elections to ASDOCX, 12 KB