Building a learning center for communication and visualization

In 2009, the call of the Agency of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic for the EU Structural Funds (ASFEU) was announced within the Operational Program Research and Development, Priority Axis 5 - Infrastructure of Higher Education Institutions, Measure 5.1 Building Infrastructure of Higher Education Institutions and Modernization of Their internal equipment in order to improve the conditions of the educational process. Our school responded to this call by submitting an application for a non-refundable financial contribution to the project entitled "Building a Learning Center for Communication and Visualization". The application was approved on March 24, 2010. Funds were drawn from the following sources: the European Regional Development Fund, the state budget of the Slovak Republic, the school's own resources.

The implementation of the project, which concerned the detached workplace of the VŠVU in Kremnica, took place in the period from 1 June 2010 to 30 November 2013, and was divided into two activities:

reconstruction of the listed building of the special-purpose facility of the VŠVU in Kremnica,

equipping the workplace with modern educational hardware, software and instrumentation and modern ICT networks.

In the past, the building was used for various work stays, creative workshops and plein airs for school students. However, it was not adapted to modern teaching and housing, respectively. the infrastructure of the building and its interior equipment did not meet the current needs of the school and the current criteria for quality teaching (in order to satisfy the educational requirements in all study programs). After the successful implementation of the project, the building offers high-quality technological equipment and above-standard teaching facilities.

Thanks to the reconstruction and completion of the school premises in Kremnica, the conditions have significantly improved and the usable capacities of this workplace have increased. These capacities can also be used for further cooperation with partner domestic and foreign universities, as well as research and cultural institutions. This will make it possible to increase the quality of the educational process and expand the services provided by the university in a wider territorial framework, and will improve its educational and socio-cultural impact. The reconstructed and modernized workplace thus increases the competitiveness of the university on a domestic and international scale.

The Teaching Center for Communication and Visualization of the VŠVU in Kremnica (VCKV) is, within its educational significance, a strategically important workplace for teaching the application of digital technologies in basic studios, laboratories, preparatory courses and compulsory professional subjects for all study programs. Priority is given to professional subjects in this range - Digital image processing, Computer graphics - vector processing, Computer graphics - pixel processing, Basics of modeling by digital processing, Digital methods of building models, Modeling in MAYA, Video and multimedia creation, Basics of editing and editing , Digital creation, Video - camera work, Computer graphics - image processing, Practical typography, Text typesetting, Reprographic and printing techniques, Font creation, Graphic programs, Web design, Multimedia, Modeling and animation in MAYA, Basics of digital process modeling, Basics of digital drawing for architects. According to this range of subjects and basic studios and courses within all departments (study programs), the main mission of the VCKV is to provide quality, exactly structured support for the teaching of intermedia, multimedia, design, visual communication and new media. In addition, the project provides, through basic studios, courses and compulsory elective subjects, also secondary support in the teaching of other fields of study - architecture, fine arts, applied arts and restoration.

The teaching process for bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees takes place continuously in this facility throughout the academic year. The departments will set up one- to two-week study stays at the VCKV in their semester curriculum for individual studios and preparatory courses. The educational process will take place every day in an intensive way of block teaching of subjects, lectures, seminars and exercises, from which a teaching dramaturgical composition is prepared according to the needs of each department and after mutual agreement of the guarantor of the study program and study department. The semester teaching will include thematic workshops aimed at supporting study studio projects and assignments in preparatory courses.

In addition to this main teaching period, the equipment of the Training Center for Communication and Visualization during the extracurricular period is and will be used mainly for study and work stays of students (creative workshops, plein airs, camps), as well as for the implementation of joint projects of students, teachers and researchers with domestic and foreign partner institutions and universities.

Given the location of the purpose facility, the project is presented in full compliance with the priorities of regional development documents (Regional Innovation Strategy, Plan for Economic and Social Development of the city and as well as) of the Banská Bystrica region. Last but not least, due to the nature of the building, it is also a contribution to the protection of the cultural and historical heritage of the Slovak Republic.

We support research activities in Slovakia / The project is co-financed by EU resources


Demand-oriented project, Operational Program Research and Development, Priority Axis 5 - University Infrastructure, Measure 5.1


5/2010 – 11/2013



Project completed