Bratislava BAK Summer School

Medzinárodný, kolaboratívny, vzdelávací týždeň.

Bratislava BAK Summer School is an international, collaborative, educational week, the first year of which took place in September 2018 in Bratislava at the VŠVU and Nová Cvernovka. The second year took place in 2019 in LOM. The Summer School in Bratislava is organized in cooperation with BAK (basis voor actuele kunst) in Utrecht, represented by Mária Hlavajová, Atelier VVV - Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava represented by doc. Martin Piaček and Dávid Koroncz, Open Studio represented by Daniel Did and in collaboration with Kristína Országhová. The program consists of lectures and workshops. Its aim is to bring together an international group of artists, activists, academics, theorists, students from various fields of culture and education who are interested in thinking critically about their role in society, the political and economic situation is or should be held by art and artists. How can we, together through art, try to transform and imagine the world around us? How can we imagine through art a world composed of other equal social orders? The main project activities are the organization of workshops, lectures and discussions. They are invited and invited to lead experts from Slovakia and abroad and take place during five intensive training days in Bratislava.

Contract number: 20-343-03061


Art Support Fund

Responsible researcher:

doc. Mgr. art. Martin Piacek, ArtD. / Department of Intermedia /