Archeology of art criticism

doc. Daniel Grúň, PhD.

Publisher: Slovart / VŠVU

Year of publication: 2009

ISBN: 978-80-8085-980-0

Archeology of art criticism speaks of Slovak art of the sixties from the position of text documents. It follows the problematic foci of contemporary controversies, based on which it describes the practices of forming statements and opinions of various personalities (Oskár Čepan, Jindřich Chalupecký, Radislav Matuštík, Iva Mojžišová, Jiří Padrta, Dominik Tatarka, Pierre Restany, Tomáš Štrauss, Václav Zykmund and others) on current art. . It focuses on the study of concepts and methods of art interpretation. In the analysis of program texts, reviews, articles and studies, he pays attention to social motivations, institutional frameworks and the value orientation of art criticism. The book also presents a set of reflections on the rehabilitation of modernity and the reconstruction of avant-garde starting points in the period of Czechoslovak democratization of socialism.

Archeology of art criticism – cover of publication