AFAD DIARY 2022 is already on sale!

The AFAD DIARY was established as a student initiative for the purpose of presenting students of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava as the emerging generation. This project is organized by the association päť a pól.

The user encounters the diary in everyday life and thus helps to promote published works, and at the same time has the ambition to spread the art to the general public.

Krinein, kritiké, techné or simply crisis are the starting point of this year's AFAD Diary. A crisis, whatever the outcome, is always inherently uncertain. The uncertainty of tomorrow intensifies the feeling of temporality, and after a long time, as a community, directs us to experience "here and now". What can we gain from this situation? Once again, we approached and selected students who presented their views on the topic with their works.

AFAD DIARY fr year 2022

This time each month is accompanied by the works of one author: Paula Gogola, Matej Grznár, Romana Halgošová, Peter Leja, Mariana Mažgútová, Michaela Moravčíková, Šimon Parec, Viktória Revická, Petra Nela Pučeková, Magdaléna Seppová, Lívia Suchá, Simona Svitková.

On the website of the association päť a pól you will find not only a presentation of the authors' works, but also interviews with them about their work.

You can order the AFAD 2022 diary via their e-shop with the option of personal collection or sending by post.

12x18cm (just for any bag or purse)

Price: 19 €

The goal of the association päť & pól is to support contemporary art in Slovakia with an emphasis on the emerging generation of artists. It consists of students and graduates of the AFAD: Oleksandra Bakushina, Lucia Gamanová, Kvet Nguyen and Eva Takácsová.

You can find more about päť a pól association and their activities on their website / facebook / instagram.