A sadness that has no bottom

Elena Csémi, née Megová (2001–2023)


It is with deep sadness that I announce to the entire academic community that on April 13, 2023, Elena Csémi, a third-year student at the Department of Visual Communication, died on the grounds of our school. Despite the great efforts of our colleagues and later of the rescue services, we did not manage to save her.


It is the greatest tragedy for any school if a young person leaves our midst. It is a final message that will cause sorrow, an anguish that has no bottom.


We always repeat together that the most important thing is health and that after that we can handle everything else: work, relationships, interests. But at the same time, we ask ourselves what is the point of it all. We are constantly moving forward, but it is equally important to stop and share together the love and togetherness that belongs to such days.


Bohunka Koklesová