New Interfaces 03: Tea Záchová: Following the coyote

We cordially invite you to a lecture from the New Interfaces 03 series.

MEDIUM Gallery, Hviezdoslavovo námestie 18, Bratislava

How do zoos shape or viewing of animals? How do we view ourselves? In reference to John Berger's essay How to Look at Animals, and through examples of contemporary artists, I will present a visual essay of what we might find interesting or questionable about these spaces, inspirations, and the role of animals in traps in general. The language of the lecture is Czech.


Tea Záchová is a curator, art critic and educator based in Prague and Brno. She is currently a curator at the independent gallery 35m2 in Prague. Her curatorial projects focus on the artistic process, site-specific forms of exhibition-making and address topics such as quantum physics, food systems, sustainable resources and participatory thinking. Záchová leads the Czech section of the editorial board of Flashart CZ/SK.


New Interfaces 03 is a series of five lectures led by the experts from various fields of contemporary art discourse or specialists on themes that resonate with artists working in the post-media environment. The series, under the dramaturgy of Miroslava Urbanova, gallery manager of the Medium Gallery, focuses primarily on themes touching on our conditions of cognition in the interfaces of constantly updating technologies and in contrast to the desire for an authentic, visceral experience of the elusive here and now. These themes appear in art with increasing urgency, both in the overflow of performative works or works thematizing these new interfaces.


Supported by public funds from the Slovak Arts Council.

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