Guided tour through the exhibition CRITICAL DE?!GN: Designers Troublemakers with Katarína Balážiková

You are cordially invited to the guided tour through the international group exhibition CRITICAL DE?!GN: Designers Troublemakers with the curator Katarína Balážiková, which will take place on Friday, September 16th, 2022 at 6pm at the MEDIUM Gallery in Bratislava. Guided tour will be held in Slovak language. Friday is the last day of the exhibition and we have decided to prolong our opening hours on 16.9. until 10pm.


The international exhibition CRITICAL DE?!GN / Designers troublemakers talks about critical design as an advocate for change. The position of the designer is changing in today's media society, as well as the influence of design studies. Its field of action is much broader - the designer needn’t serve only the market, but also choose the content to communicate. The design we create is no longer just a tool, it is also a carrier of messages and itself becomes an important message and a reflection of the times in which we live.


David Březina, Zuzana Kubíková, Eupnea, projekt Openeon
David Březina, Zuzana Kubíková, Eupnea, projekt Openeon, 2009.
Author of media: Ján Šipöcz.


The exhibition presents a selection of texts and key projects by national and international authors from the Critical Daily blogzine, illustrating various critical design methods. The installation of texts and visual documentation in the space foregrounds the project’s background and authors’ critical approach, rather than the project output’s final design. The viewer is thus compelled to read and not only perceive the aesthetic level of the exhibited works.

The website - which was created on the occasion of the exhibition and the Designers Troublemakers International Symposium - encourages interactive participation and offers a space for designers to participate in mapping these methodological approaches. The exhibition is aimed both at designers and a critically-minded audience which is interested in design as a discipline that shapes our contemporary world.




  • Open Design Studio

Project partners:

  • Critical Daily,
  • A4 - Priestor súčasnej kultúry,
  • Galéria Medium,
  • Open Design Network,
  • UROBOROS Festival

Financial support:

  • Fond na podporu umenia,
  • Nadácia mesta Bratislava,
  • Bratislavský samosprávny kraj