Discussion Nová Petržalka: mistakes and disappointments of the post-revolutionary building development in Bratislava's Petržalka

We cordially invite you to a discussion accompanying the exhibition Petržalská pláváreň, to which the sculptor Filip Bielek invited the architect Viktor Kasala, the photographer Martin Kleibl, the painter Roman Bicek and the painter Oľga Paštéková. The discussion will take place in the MEDIUM Gallery on Tuesday, March 28, 2023 at 6 p.m.!


MEDIUM gallery, Hviezdoslavovo sq. 18, Bratislava



In recent years, a construction boom has picked up throughout Bratislava, as well as in its largest part of the city – Petržalka. The diverse mix of new buildings, or even entire new streets, shows us a completely different face of Petržalka than we are used to.

The accepted stereotypical image of Petržalka as a panel housing estate - a failed experiment of a utopian vision of better tomorrows is long gone. Today's Petržalka is a pulsating and dynamically developing part of the city, which is changing before our eyes without much notice from the lay or professional public. Its undeveloped areas have become a kind of playground for investors, where they project their personal visions and tastes in pursuit of the greatest possible economic profit. The absence of professional reflection on what has brought Petržalka the last thirty years of architectural and urban development and how to shape it in the future so that it finally becomes a full-fledged part of the city can have fatal consequences for the lives of its residents, as well as the entire capital city.

Therefore, the discussion "New Petržalka" would like to provoke a critical reflection and a constructive dialogue about the mentioned current, often chaotic construction development in the territory of Petržalka, to place it in the context of the ongoing transformation of Bratislava into a modern metropolis of the 21st century, and above all through the invited guests and guests, who as The men and women of Petržalčan are fundamentally touched by the mentioned changes, to show viewers their personal experience with life and socio-urbanistic development in this part of the city.


Part of the discussion will also be the presentation of the just-published Nová Petržalka book guide, which maps and summarizes the current Petržalka architecture with photos of more than 94 buildings that make up the new face of Petržalka.


More information about the Petržalská pláváreň exhibition can also be found in the older invitation.